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Dragonfly bookmark in blue.
Bookmark Design and Word List
Color samples may vary depending on your monitor's settings.

Bookmarks $6 each ($2 off)

Perfect and packaged everything gifts!

These bookmarks are made from recycled metal and come in a variety of design and color options.
We are starting to run low on some designs. Please include your 3 top color choices for this sale.

* this list is not alphebetizing for some reason so you have to look thru the entire list.

Bookmarks $6 each ($2 off)
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Aloha, Be, Chill, Dad, Honor, Joy, Laugh, Learn, Live, Love, Meow, Mom, Read, Shanti, Wag, Woof

Chai ("Life" in Hebrew Characters), Hamsa Hand, Om Sign

Kanji Symbols
Harmony, Life/Destiny, Love