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Namaste magnet in orange.
Color samples may vary depending on your monitor's settings.
Word List for Magnets

Word Magnets $5 each Summer Blowout Sale!

These magnets are made from recycled metal, and are available in a variety of words and colors.
Savings of $5 each.

Word Magnets $5 each Summer Blowout Sale!

Magnet Word Choices
Aloha, Be, Believe, Breathe, Calm, Celebrate, Chill, Cowgirl, Create, Friends, Grow, Imagine, Indivisible, Inspire, Joy, Laugh, Life, Live, Lost, Love, Mellow, Moooo, Namaste, Oink, Peace, Relax, Resist, Share, Sing, Sisters, Smile, Teach, Thrive, Twist, UN, Wag, Weird, Welcome, Woof

Specialty Words
Auburn, Burner, Carbondale, Esalen, High Sierra, Obama