Created by artisan Jen Utsch (aka Jendala), Jendala resulted from the strong belief that there is a connection between creativity, the environment, and personal and universal growth.  Jendala is committed to wellbeing (the state of being happy, healthy, and comfortable) thru sparking the imagination and encouraging self-exploration as we bridge diversity.  We offer products and services that support this mission.

Jendala's  products uplift the spirit and encourage positive thoughts. Sustainable, inspiring, affirmational, and colorful, Jendala brings a smile in its uniqueness, forming words and shapes from recycled metal.   These inspiring rmessages are handcrafted in Northern California from salvaged and reclaimed materials. Designed with a torch (the  heART love of Jendala) and cut with a water-jet for sustainabitly, each piece carries a bell to sound the creation out into the world.  Beads and bells are selected from  an ethical and family run sustainable cooperative in India. Create your message from our product line of over 300 words and 100 designs and uplift our world one chime at a time.   There are gazillions of combinations, making your message specific and meaningfilled.

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“ My mission is to send out as much positivity into the world as I follow my passion.  I fell in love with the element of fire while attending the Fire Academy in Tucson, AZ in 1996.  Its remarkable power and beauty sparked a wild 20 year adventure.  I just published my first children's book sending the message of believing in yourself and creating the life you desire.   I'm so excited to see the all unfold.  What's your message with the world? ”

- Jendala