Imagined and created by artisan Jen Utsch (aka Jendala), Jendala resulted from the insatiable quest for following her path.  Graduating in Spanish and International Relations there has always been a yearning to learn about other ways of life and perceptions.  Jendala is committed to creating wellbeing thru sparking the imagination and encouraging self-exploration and self-efficatcy as we bridge diversity and align to our own purpose.   Jendala offers products and services that support this mission.

Established in 1998, Jendala, originally named "Mandala Recycled Art," followed a creative process of mistakes and successes that formed her unique product line.   From torching post consumer "tin" cans into patio lights and candleholders, these sparks lit the way to forming inspirational messages from recycled sheet metal.  Twenty years later Jendala celebrates a sustainable, uplifting and quality art that brings a smile and story to the space it adorns.  All beads and bells are selected from an ethical and family run sustainable cooperative in India.   Play with your imagination and create your  unique message over 300 words and 100 Jendala images, making your message specific and meaningfilled.

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“ My mission is to send out as much positivity into the world as I follow my passion.  I fell in love with the element of fire while attending the Fire Academy in Tucson, AZ in 1996.  Its remarkable power and beauty sparked a wild and inspired 20 year adventure.  I published my first children's book, "Wings to Fly,"  sharing the message of believing in yourself.   It is exciting to observe my path as it unfolds into new creations.  What do you wish to express into the world? ”

- Jendala