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Question of the Week: Allow

How do you allow yourself to experience the present moment when you'd rather be somewhere else?

I can't take credit for this but "live in the light even when the light isn't shinning on you" that recently got me through a tough time when I just didn't want to deal with where I was at. :)

– Jess,question of the week drawing winner

What other posters had to say:

Breaths slows deep breaths with my eyes/ears wide open. Amazing what I see/ hear that way.

a love of irony!

Allow whatever shows up into my guest house. Inviting it for tea and to simply be.

Look within. Be still. Know the seet joy of living in the way.

Focus on everything around me with all my senses. Recognize that being present is the greatest gift to share, knowing that this very moment is all there really is.

I find something in the present moment for which to be grateful and then I know I am where I am supposed to be at that moment

I take moments to engage in little things and really focus on the breath to ground me in the present moment.

lots of deep breaths


Focus on breath

I allow myself to fail and allow the blessings in my life to help me get back up and have another go.

I breathe deeply and practice patient acceptance, this allows me to enjoy being no matter where I am. :)

I allow myself the space to just breathe

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