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Question of the Week: Dance

What do you like to dance to?

Martin Sexton, he rocks my socks!

– Ann Charat,question of the week drawing winner

What other posters had to say:

Railroad Earth, Grateful Dead, Lotus, DJ Hippychick, Randam Rab, Fat Freddy's Drop.....

The songs of the universe!

FUNK!!! the funkier the better!

David Byurn!!

Blue October, New Order, Prince...weee!!!....the list goes on and on... :)


We gotta have that funk!


the rhythm of my soul ~~ the beat of my heart ~~ and the songs of the birds each and every day!!!

Who cares? Let's Dance!


Michael Franti!!

jambands and anything funkalicious

Santana.. "Mudbone".. awesome beat.. :-)

Zydeco and Funky music and a waltz is nice!

Michael Jackson

Dance like there is no tomorrow ! Just Dance!!!

Old Time Rock and Roll (recorded by

Classic Rock!

The shape of my partners body. That's what I dance to.

Sweaty soulful men rippen and shredding on djembes and dunduns!!

Bluegrass, Americana, and gypsy swing!!

Krishna Das!!

the pure beat of love!!!

everything I just love to dance

Middle Eastern Bellydance Music of Course! Currently "Oriental Uno".

"To the beat of my own drum" ;) Gotta dance!

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