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Question of the Week: Fiesta

What are you celebrating?

Celebrating another day where I've made a decision to love those around me, even in traffic.

– Heather Stephens Jones,question of the week drawing winner

What other posters had to say:

another new day!

Juicing over 30 days with my hubby and we both feel a huge shift in our lives. Beyond the weight but that is the bonus. We are celebrating a FRESH PERSPECTIVE.

A new job after 3 years YAY!!!!!!

A new start after knee surgery today!

The health and well being of my beautiful little family. Just happy to be together and living a healthy life. (I work at a pediatric hospital, so I know how very blessed I am!)

My wedding in 8 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

2 new puppies :)

A return to a serene home. And Friday ;-)

The birth of my sweet niece! ;D ♥


Celebrating another day where I've made a decision to love those around me, even in traffic.

Life! ♥

God's grace in my life.

These lazy days of summer!


Life, my family and friends, having a job and a home, and all the little things we take for granted. You made me realize this!

Girls day out at Daytona Beach tomorrow ! :D

The POETRY of new beginnings. How awesome that LIFE offers us a brand new day, each and every day, the precious gift of being ALIVE as well as an OPPORTUNITY to make even our ordinary days a CELEBRATION.

Just had tornado warning and ugly weather move through. All safe here.

renewal and rebirth ♥

Celebrating 2 months with our new baby boy !!

My new (old) name.

Being able to do another shot of Tequila ...

2 years of marraige:) I'll take one of your shots Ed!

My birthday!

Leaving behind 28 years of my life with someone and praying that within time I can reflect back in a positive way - doing my best to live and laugh now on my own, with gratitude, peace, and the help of my friends... so - celebrating is a two-edged sword right now..........................

I am celebrating the life of my dear kitty Marvin! He was a true companion that loved life! I just received a beautiful cedar carved box with his ashes. A dear friend of mine just gave me a perfect designed Jendala with the word MEOW....both together will help me remember and always CELEBRATE the moments I shared with "Marvin."

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