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Bumble Bee Keychain in Yellow
A small assortment of Jendala Key chains
Keychain Design List
Color samples may vary depending on your monitor's settings.

Key Chains $12

These key chains are made from powder-coated recycled metal and come in a variety of designs.

Key Chains $12

Keychain Designs
Bicycle, Bumble Bee, Butterfly, Cat, Chai (Hebrew characters meaning "Life"), Cupcake, Daisy, Dogbone, Dog Paw, Dragonfly, Eye of Horus, Fish, Giraffe, Hamsa Hand, Heart (Cutout), Heart (Square), Hummingbird, OM (Square), Owl, Palm Tree, Peace (Cutout), Peace (Square), Penguin, Playful Soul, Railroad Crossing, Sea Turtle, SF Peace, Smiley, Star (Cutout), Star of David, Train

Kanji Characters