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Question of the Week: Healing

How are you becoming whole?

"The Artist's Way is really impacting me right now."

– Kera Sumaya Questionable,question of the week drawing winner

What other posters had to say:

I'm listening more to my body and not my head... learning to trust the process... deep breaths a lot, hot salt baths, and just checking in with myself a lot.... learning how to nuture.

fining the gaps within myself, nurturing them- being attentive, filling them with love, and filling others with unconditional of the same!

Am on a volunteer vacation for the National Disabled Veterans Winter Sports Clinic in Snow mass Colorado. I have seen things here that give me perspective I will cherish for the rest of my life.

by letting go!

Practicing love, patience and kindness!

by trusting mySELF

By weaving in threads of peace and comfort into the fanric of this journey I am on..

By feeling/living it all

Unfortunately, on this particular day, I have nothing to offer. I'm a bit stuck myself.


In coming to understand that everything in my life is part of the journey I am here to take. Each step is in Divine Right Order and gets me closer to The Source.

This is big for me right now. I am on leave of absence from work, the first time in 40 years of living that I have given myself the time and space to heal and fulling integrate and embrace my wholeness. Self-love, self-acceptance, gratitude, and compassion are my daily companions. Meditation, acupuncture, affirmations, therapy, salt baths, healthy eating are my key self-care tools right now. Being gentle with myself, knowing that embracing my wholeness is a daily practice and sometimes I need to grade myself on a curve. That I am a spiritual being having a human experience and not the other way around. All of it helping me to listen, trust, and align with my higher-self, that part of me that is perfect, whole, and complete right now.

by learning from the things that have been obstacles and realizing that I was being supported in my journey by Spirit the whole way

On day 4 of Baron Baptiste's 40 Days to Personal Revolution!


By gazing into the eyes of my baby...who's smile @ 3, 4 & 5 in the a.m. expands my heart (despite my exhaustion)

Cleansing my body and mind. Making more room for the positive. Looking at my life's activities as things I "choose to do", not "have to do". Being aware & grateful.

By freeing my mind/body/soul from the limits I put on myself and my process. There are no limits, only ones we create. By watching others in my life move through their challenges I see many more opportunities and am inspired again and again . . . being grateful for the abundance I have in my life.

My new garden is a place of peaceful self reflection and healing. Springtime brings fresh opportunities to see and feel the healing promise of new beginnings. I'm enjoying retreating to my flowers and soil between the April showers.

By being true to myself. To do what I love, and to love what I do. Art! And to be able to express good or bad through creativity is very healing to me.

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