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Question of the Week: BE

To Be or not to BE? How are you choosing to live?

Negativity is no longer allowed in my life. I now am practicing qigong and it has given me a peaceful life.... I believe what you put out there you get in return.. Give love and happiness, just BE.

– Carla Rubino,question of the week drawing winner

What other posters had to say:

TO BE of course:) I choose to live by speaking my truth, learning, listening, nurturing myself, practicing yoga (finally:)), and trusting that I am. This is one of my favorite affirmations that I have been practicing over and over again... just being... choosing to be free.

I am choosing to THRIVE while I SURVIVE!

Choosing to live each day in the moment, I have a three month old baby and I find myself loving the oppertunity she gives me to be still and nurse, cuddle and coooo, and just BE. be in the moment all the time. As time feels as thu it is accelerating at an alarming rate, it is really good to just be present, in the moment.. we are only this, for this moment and then we are "older" the next! Just BE

I am choosing to BE present in the moment. Over the years I have come to realize that in the chaos of everyday life it is so important to stop take a deep breathe and BE present within what is happening right now - not to worry about what else that needs done or what will happen later. When I can BE present in the moment clarity emerges and mindfulness appears ~ all is good.

To Be...with honest and integrity!
Trying very hard to stay in the be...

This is a great reminder for me to just BE. We just got back from an awesome relaxing beautiful two weeks camping and biking in the southwest, and I am trying to transform my post vacation blues into appreciation for the NOW. Hope u r well!

So hard some days... keep struggling to reset myself. Thanks for the reminder..

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