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Question of the Week: Radiate

What are you radiating this summer?

I am RADIATING my journey for self discovery! I crave adventure and humility! Planning a trip to Peru in September!

– Adrienne Roth,question of the week drawing winner

What other posters had to say:

I am RADIATING lots of smiles, laughter, fun, ease, and me....

I am radiating LOVE from the inside out starting with myself.

I am radiating PEACE and acceptance as we navigate this transformational season!!!!!!

I am RADIATING with the ideas of adventure and a new outlook on life. Skydiving here I come!!

Gratitude and trust

I am radiating BABIES !!!!!

Or just BABY

I am radiating a confidence I wish I had growing up.

Calm....well sort of.....ok, maybe not so well, but calm is what I'd like to radiate.

I'm radiating TRANSFORMATION! That wonderful ability we all have to transform ourselves into the person we want to be, by shedding all of the negative mindsets that hold us back from realizing our true potential!

I'm radiating just reading these posts:)

Radiating smiles now that the heat has kindly dropped 10 degrees down to 92 for the next few days, whew!

HIGH SIERRA MUSIC FESTIVAL which will be radiating with me till next year. Once again HSMF outdid itself. MAHALO!

Gamma rays

Love, awareness


Radiate: My power, my strength, my inner light, radiates from the center of my being as I watch my children grow, strive and achieve. The values I have attempted to cultivate in them radiate out into the world as they continue on their life journeys.

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