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Question of the Week: NEW

What's NEW since Labor Day?

I am starting a NEW job with a NEW employer the day after my birthday, next week! smile emoticon

– Lori Brantl Topp ,question of the week drawing winner

What other posters had to say:

Being 56.....which started Labor Day (9/7)! Also some new friends on Facebook as a result of meeting new folks at Burning Man this year!

New middle schooler!

What's new? My son is going away to college next week. Exciting and yet a little heartbreaking for this mama

A new roof on my barn is being installed. 3 years of saving and planning. So excited!!!

What's new with me?? A NEW attitude since we came back from our east coast USA (Massachusetts and Maine) and eastern Canada (New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island) trip. There is nothing like seeing new sights, eating great seafood (bring on the mussels!) and beautiful scenery to re-energize my daily routine! Can't wait until our next trip!

Tonight I begin a new adventure on the path of life!

I have a new best friend! A beautiful dog (my house mate's dog) who follows me everywhere.

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