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Question of the Week: Welcome

What are you welcoming?

Welcoming SIMPLICITY above all else- slowing down, focusing, real time, family time, & me time; & even in our new journey into homeschooling, which I never thought I'd even consider, but LOVE it, even though father-in-law with dementia moved in, SIMPLIFY Ahhhhhh , just doing what's important in each moment with an open heart. Sounds more like an answer for SIMPLIFY I guess, but WELCOME ignited it, & it felt good to say- THANKYOU!

– Kamara Garcia,question of the week drawing winner

What other posters had to say:

Welcoming the NEW MOON in Libra! This moon is asking what is important to you? This is an opportunity to find peace and balance in your life. Welcoming other perspectives and view points.

I WELCOME the new year for us, concentrating on gratitude and being in moments instead of traveling through life on auto-pilot, treasuring what is right in front of me instead of preparing for what is next. Also letting go to create peace. ...See More

Welcoming an open heart and another art show this weekend of adventure and fun!

I'm welcoming a positive attitude of change, focus, work, and self love. HOOT HOOT!

Welcoming Peace ~ Love ~ Health ~ Happiness Always !!!

Peace, Wellness, Love, Happiness, Success, and of course my new friend Scooter the Loquatian smile emoticon

great reminder for me too. the simplicity is what brings balance and will balance we have focus, energy, drive, everything. Thank yoU!!!

Welcoming change....currently focused on embracing what comes eyes!

I'm welcoming a whole new life! Retiring from my corporate job so I can spend time with my wonderful husband and my little dog Vinnie and and also spending time making things, spreading joy and positive inspiration in the process. smile emoticon

I am welcoming autumn and all of its changes...seen and unseen!

I am welcoming love in my life. Love of friends, family and life!!!

I am welcoming my beautiful daughters husband into our family tomorrow after they say "I do"

I am welcoming a weekend from home, by my self in a quite spot, to celebrate peace and joy.

I am welcoming the change in seasons, the time when creative expression flows through me expressing the art I make and the joy I send to all.

I'm welcoming Ohana (family) and Friends into my new Aloha home here in beautiful Kauai as well as new and exciting opportunities for my two new jobs here to go along with my new Hawaiian Lifestyle! YEAH!

I welcome anyone who needs an ear to listen, a warm, comforting meal (food is love!), arms to enfold...we all have such an interesting story....

Beautiful little preschoolers to a local school.

I welcome the new people and experiences that come into my life, and enrich it.

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