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Question of the Week: LOVE

What is love to you?

Love is that open and still space, that holds the whole universe, all there is, in its hands.

– Martina Kroupová,question of the week drawing winner

What other posters had to say:

It's having a moment at random times in a day where I smile because my husband makes me laugh. That's love.

Love is my husband ...

My sons!

L♡ve not finding someone you want to be with, but someone you can't bear to be without!

Love is my child...every cell of his amazing being!

Love and compassion for France

Love is.....a grateful heart

My Family

Love to me are puppies and the sun rising.

Love is when you look in someones eyes and see their heart.

Love is acceptance without judgment, with compassion.

Love is when my non verbal 4yr old takes my face in his hands and stares into my eyes.

When you love another being, its heart is your heart ~ and you wish for it the very best life it can have ~ even if that means it cannot remain by your side.

You know, if I had a magic wand, I'd have a little cabin in the woods with a nearby stream and all your windchimes hanging in the trees.

Love is reconnecting with my high school sweetheart and him moving 3000 miles to be with me and my daughter
Absolutely true love!

Love is this beyond words experience that makes you love yourself more than you thought possible in the same breath as the feeling you feel for the other person. It is so expansive everything feels possible.

Love is the magic key to open doors.
The door to possibilities.
The door to well-being.
The door to answers.
The door to solutions.

LOVE flows through us and surrounds us… it is what binds all of us as ONE.. Yoda had it right!!

Love is complete trust and acceptance with dashes of joy and laughter!

my husband
my daughter & son
my family
my friends
my life
my faith
A full heart

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