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Question of the Week: HAPPY

What are you happy for?

I am happy for these amazing views we get to see in Sonoma County. I'm happy I have learned to stop, be mindful, breathe deep, move slow and B*rad.

– Bessie Lombardo ,question of the week drawing winner

What other posters had to say:

I'm happy for the amazing growth of Spring, the sunshine, Patchouli Cat being home, a big truck to bring my wares all around, amazing friends and family, and for living in one of the most beautiful parts of the county!

I saw your patchouli profile pic and wondered if she was found (haven't been on fb much so I didn't know the good news!) I came here just to find out! Yay!

I'm happy for my family and my beautiful life where I get to choose everything!

For my ability to not give up or give in. It's been the hardest year of my life - in money, health & relationships - but no matter how difficult I won't give in to despair, I won't give up on myself. I'm happy for that.

courage is the word that resonates

Im happy that I already own one of your Happy chimes!!

I am HAPPY to know Laura Lavigne! She has brought so much JOY and HAPPINESS to my life and soo many others!

I'm happy for my new knee and the care my husband gives me while I am recovering.

Happy for the return of Spring and the Sun!

Happy for LOVE


for scooter !

i'm so grateful for you! cant wait and happy!!!

I am Happy for spring... I am Happy for finally finding something I truly want to do.... And I am happy for a beautiful daughter

I choose to be happy. If I can laugh I will, if I can smile I do! It's a way of life. My parents taught me this, and for that, I'll be forever thankful!

I'm happy that, for the first time in my life, I am so hopeful for a progressive presidential candidate who reflects my views and represents the "common (wo)man" actually has a great chance of becoming president and ending the wars that we have been in for Every single year that I have been a mother. The hope that my children might actually get to experience peace is making me really, super happy right now.

Simply life. We live in an amazing world and if you just take 2 minutes to forget about your problems and really look at everything, you'll realize we are truly blessed!

I am happy for creative people like you (and me) who figure out what they love and then DO IT! I would love to hang your chime at Insight, my peer support practice. A friend gave me one that has hung over my kitchen sink for years, so it reminds me mindfulness is an option with every activity!

I am happy that Spring is here and with it a chance at renewing dreams and aspirations that laid buried beneath winter snow. Time to heal old wounds and grow into our possibilities!

I'm happy for an unhurried vacation with my 6-year-old son. We enjoyed the slowed down pace of life while also having some great adventures together.

I'm happy for the chance to live with and care for my mom and have my girls get to know her, even though it's a rough end for her life....

I am happy that you posted this to inspire us to not only realize our own joys but to reap in the happiness of all the commenters.

I'm happy about all the crows hanging out in my yard this spring and am also happy to have my book manuscript well on its way through revisions.

Happy my son volunteers at the Butterfly Pavilion so weekly I enjoy a mini tropical paradise even in Colorado.
Cathy Shorma's photo.

I am happy to live and love in such a beautiful place, and to be able to travel to visit my family in other beautiful places

I'm happy for the rain we've so needed here in California and for the beautiful spring it has given us

am happy for the new home I am manifesting heart emoticon

The two presents I open everyday... My eyes as they lead me on my adventures daily!!

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