Offer ZoneKeep the Vibe High and Send Out Positivity with Jendala Chimes. Make one today for everyone and send smiles everywhere!!<3

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Make Your Jendala Gratitude

Step 1: Select your Word & Charms, H is horizontal word, V is vertical word orientation (design list click on thumbnail on lower left)
Step 2: Select your Colors.
Step 3: We assemble, add the bell and ship.
How to Make a Jendala Video:

Wholesale to the public as we go through this craycray time together.
You have to use the code VIBEHIGH for 50% off.
Our chimes scare viruses away within a 10' radius.
Send some cheer and uplift our spaces one jendala chime at a time.
Put these Chimes to Work!

Want help building a gratitude chime? hit the button in the lower right corner and I will get right to you.

Make Your Jendala Gratitude
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