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Every week we post a question on Facebook to go with our Word of the Week Sale. The word of the week this week is MOTHER. Users who respond to our post and answer the question will be entered in a drawing to win the current word of the week for free.

Answer for the chance to win at Facebook. See past words below:

Describe your Mother.
How are you bringing success into your life this year?
What is your vision for 2015?
What does Family mean to you?
How do you bring BEAUTY into your life?
What are you thankful for?
What is your affirmation? Selecting 2 winners!
What are you constructing in your life?
Who are you saying "YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL" to?
How are you nourishing yourself?
What is emerging in you?
What was your favorite adventure this summer?
What makes you shine?
What is your favorite music group/band or genre?
How do you vacate your mind?
Shout out to your best girl friend!
How are you letting go?