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Every week we post a question on Facebook to go with our Word of the Week Sale. The word of the week this week is MOTHER. Users who respond to our post and answer the question will be entered in a drawing to win the current word of the week for free.

Answer for the chance to win at Facebook. See past words below:

Describe your Mother.
How can you bring more life into your living?
How are you easing on down the road?
How are you bringing joy into your life?
What are you letting go of?
Tell me about your favorite dog in your life.
How do you gather up the strength to take that leap to FLY?
What are you saying MAHALO to?
What are you diving in to this new year?
What are you breathing in? What are you breathing out?
Welcome to 2013! What are some of your tips for retaining balance?
In celebrating the last full moon of the year this Friday, the ending of 2012, and the passage into 2013, what are you grateful for?
In celebration of welcoming the next cycle of 26,000 years, let's open our doors to all these living words of ease, success, freedom, abundance, and peace. What words would you like to welcome into your life?
Give an example of grace in your life.
How are you opening up to abundance?
What is one thing you can do today to create peace?
What is your definition of hope?