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Every week we post a question on Facebook to go with our Word of the Week Sale. The word of the week this week is MOTHER. Users who respond to our post and answer the question will be entered in a drawing to win the current word of the week for free.

Answer for the chance to win at Facebook. See past words below:

Describe your Mother.
What are you hoping for?
What do you like to dance to?
Where in your life would you like to see ease?
How do you allow yourself to experience the present moment when you'd rather be somewhere else?
What do you imagine peace to look like?
What does compassion mean to you and how are you practicing compassion in your life?
What are you remembering this week?
Ride ... to continue without interference. With that definition in mind, where is your ride taking you to?
What is space to you and how are you creating space in your life?
What are you specifically creating for yourself this week?
What are you focused on moving toward?
Who/what are you saying thank you to today?
What is your reason for being a goofball or liking goofballs?
What are you becoming (changing, growing, manifesting)?
What are you celebrating?
What words express your gratitude for the sister/s in your life?