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Every week we post a question on Facebook to go with our Word of the Week Sale. The word of the week this week is MOTHER. Users who respond to our post and answer the question will be entered in a drawing to win the current word of the week for free.

Answer for the chance to win at Facebook. See past words below:

Describe your Mother.
What are you manifesting now? What have you already asked for and are now opening to receive?
What is your favorite athletic hobby?
What is your favorite beer?
How can you support yourself in your own journey?
What does freedom mean to you?
How do you connect with the Earth?
How do you unwind?
What does being empowered look like to you?
Where are you in your journey and where are you wandering to?
What are you willing to say NO WORRIES to this week?
What strength do you admire in yourself? Where in your life do you request more strength?
Saying Alo-ha to your body, soul, and spirit, how can you bring more love and presence into your life?
Where in your life have you created a retreat, a nest, a hideaway or sanctuary, a place where you can unwind, sit still, meditate, and feel safe, warm and cozy? Describe this space. (If you haven't created this space "yet" please describe what you would like to manifest for yourself.)
What does respect mean to you?