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Question of the Week: Shift

What kind of shifts are you making in your life?

New job ugh

– Stephanie Salt Webster ,question of the week drawing winner

What other posters had to say:

Shifting more time to me, pulling a bit back on my work day. It will allow me to exercise and maybe even read a book!

Shifting from saying yes all the time, every time, to allowing myself to say no, sometimes.

I'm actively spreading kindness in a very conscious way.

Shifting from being a couple to being parents! It's amazing, educational and life changing! ❤

Taking time for myself on a daily basis! Allowing myself the freedom to say no!

trusting my self.

a shifty crime!

Praying more for my marriage & my family.

Shifting to a more simple life; removing the clutter, both physical and mental.

Changing from a corporate management position to becoming a yoga teacher! can't wait!

New job ugh

can you make this chime for me to match my alter-ego (FB Page:o) Presence! I picked that Angel when I visited the Findhorn in Scotland and my life focus totally changed that moment! PRESENCE in the Bliss-n-Flow...

The shift into believing that I can do it! And that the IT is a valuable service! Just opened my business,!

Shifting into spring, looking forward to new blossoms in my garden.

Shifting from neglecting my health and my SELF into wellness by making a commitment to eat healthy, exercise and ME time!

Shift all my clay to the wedging table, it's time to throw some pots.

Shifting my little self to outside, yay springtime!

I have shifted out the stress and negative influences and am enjoying nature and spirituality!

Shifting out the drama and shifting in taking care of myself...

Shifting from high gear into a slower pace and live more calmly so I can take care of my elderly parents.

Shifting into neutral, a place of acceptance and movement

I teach sailing, and then sailing teaches me. You can't force the wind to do what you want. You can't always go where you want to go in a straight line. You can learn to play the shifts. You learn to watch the ripples in the water and turn with the oscillation of the shifting -- the "lifts and headers!" Love the idea of a wind "shift" chime. Both in the literal sense and figuratively! Excellent!

I am shifting from self-limiting thoughts of "I can't" to putting myself out there, feeling confident that it really doesn't matter what anyone thinks as long as I am doing 'me'...specifically, opening up / shifting with my photography.

I'm shifting all over the board... my new norm is to shift or not to shift according to the grind:)

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