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Question of the Week: Thank You

Who/what are you saying thank you to today?

blessings & FUN ♥

– Mindy Love Lutch,question of the week drawing winner

What other posters had to say:

For my family, first, last and always, even if/when they are not "participating" in being part of the family! :)

For my yoga students. They never cease to amaze and inspire me!

Thank You to the family that donated a liver so my dear friend's baby boy could have a lifesaving transplant operation today. Thank You hardly seems to be enough.

God for creating artists who help us experience the world in new, exciting, and fun ways.

thankful that our daughter is gonna beat her cancer..thank you to the airforce doctors and nurses people forget how important it is to get tested especially when you are only 21

My friend for bringing me food and providing me company while I am laid up after surgery.

I'm thankful for my miracle baby! I'm 43 and was told in my 20's having a natural birth would be impossible. In Feb to much shock I was told I was pregnant and I wasn't even trying! She is due in Oct!

I am saying thank you to YOU for the amazing charms you made for my son, Crosby, and for my nephews !!! I am back to La Crema on Monday and hope to see you VERY soon !!!! xoxoxox

For my dad, who works hard for us all- sometimes 7 days a week doing odd jobs so we can survive. For God who blesses us by giving him the work. For the sun and the rain that yeild the food we eat in the garden. And for this day with all it's opportunity and promise ♥

Garden fresh tomatoes for dinner

To my daughter for giving me a beautiful grandson that I get to watch grow in front of precious ♥

Thank you to you for inspiring me to remain thankful!!

To all those who doubted me because the gave me the drive to prove myself!

For the health and well being of my family. I work at a children's hospital, so I have constant reminders of how fortunate I am.

All the teachers out there who are going back to school right about now.

Thank You for the time with my 87 yr old mom, nieces mom, and niece's 5 yr old son at the amphitheater watching Buckets and Tap

To my family

To the young, lonely Japanese girl who gave me my cat, Gai, 22 years ago. I just lost Gai a couple of weeks ago, but I've been in a space of gratitude since he died. Grateful for his life and companionship. And grateful to Hiromi for loving him first and then giving him to me to be part of my family.

i say thank you to the power that be, fate, kismet etc. for letting me wake up and enjoy another beautiful day. no matter what happens.

Getting a job after 2yrs of being out of work. Having a boss that encourages me to play with the rocks & crystals while answering phones & helping patients. Who compliments me every day & says the nicest things. And for having the time to still work on my own business, helping people organzie their lives. I've been saying THANK YOU to the universe a lot the past 2 weeks. I feel extremely blessed & I'm Thankful to be exactly where I'm meant to be ♥

So much! I'm grateful for my customers, friends, and family that support my life as an artist so I can spend my time doing what I love. I'm saying thank you for the fellow artists that are signing up this week for Bead Challenge - Tucson, AZ, coming together to make beads that will go into Beads of Courage programs, helping kids with serious illness tell their stories of strength, courage, and resilience. I'm saying thank you because I feel loved, and I love. And, I'm grateful for the coffee that's almost ready for me to enjoy.

To the library, for the beauty of free audio books to occupy the kids on our road trip!

Thank you to my dad who has done a bunch of amazing feats to fix an ailing old house this summer... My new little kitchen floor is going to be beautiful!

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