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Various Selection of Jendala Word Pet Tags
Color samples may vary depending on your monitor's settings.
Word List for Pet Tags

Word Pet Tags $6 ($2 off)

These pet tags are made from recycled metal and come in a variety of word and color options.

When selecting a word option below, some words are split with a hyphen. This indicates that the word is divided and stacked. For example, there is a Woof option and a Wo-of option. The former would be written on one line as "WOOF" while the latter would be written:

Word Pet Tags $6 ($2 off)

Pet Tag Words
Aloha, Arf, Bad Ass, BFF, Blah Blah, Chill, Cool Cat, Duh, Free, Grrr, Hotty, Huh?, King, Lick Me, Loved, Me-Ow, Meow, Moo, No Shit, Nom Nom, Nuts, Oh Shit, OMG, Oops, Phat Cat, Play Time, Pretty, Prince, Prin-Cess, Prrr, Prrrfect, Pussy Cat, Queen, Rawr, Really?, Rescued, Rich, Rrrr, Rut Row, Sexy, Shanti, Sista, Uh Oh, VBFF, Walk Me, XOXOX, Yeah Yeah