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Every week we post a question on Facebook to go with our Word of the Week Sale. The word of the week this week is MOTHER. Users who respond to our post and answer the question will be entered in a drawing to win the current word of the week for free.

Answer for the chance to win at Facebook. See past words below:

Describe your Mother.
What are you dreaming of becoming?
Your thoughts create your reality so what are you becoming?
What are you happy for?
How are you bringing Peace into the world?
What is love to you?
Any miracles your way
How are you treating yourself?
What are you welcoming?
Where are you sending compassion to?
What's NEW since Labor Day?
How are you relaxing this Labor Day Weekend?
What's your favorite ride (such as car, horse, bike)?
Where's your favorite place to swim?
Where have you explored this summer?
Who has the best Margarita?
What are your goals this week?